Thursday, August 14, 2008

The prayer of Prahlada

The prayer of Prahlada and his followers to God in His aspect as Narasimha:

"Our salutations to Thee! Thou art the infinite Lord,
Assuming the form of Narasimha;
Thou art the Light of all lights.
Remove the darkness of ignorance from us;
Burn all the seeds of our evil desires and evil Karmas;
Make us fearless. We salute Thee!

"O Lord, shower Thy blessings upon all;
May good come to all.
May those who have evil ways come to realize the good.
That they may follow the way of the good.
May all beings be kind and loving to one another;
May all think good of one another;
May all realize the good within themselves.

"May we not be attached to the things of the world;
If attachment grow in our hearts,
Let it not be for relatives or friends
Other than those who are Thy lovers and devotees.
Thy lovers and devotees, the knowers of Truth,
Live in Thy blissful consciousness and sing Thy glories,
Association with such purifies the heart;
Those who are pure in heart love Thee dearly,
And through their love obtain Thy grace and power.

"As water is the very life of fish,
So art Thou the life and soul of all beings.
Without Thee life is empty;
Vain indeed is life in this world,
The abode of misery and death,
Where prevail anger, sorrow, jealousy, pride, fear, and all evil.
But if one knows Thee his life becomes divine,
And his heart overflows with the fullness of its joy."

(From Srimad Bhagavatam, translated by Swami Prabhavananda)

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