Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mistakes happen...

See a mistake as a mistake, not as "my" or "his" mistake. "My" means guilt; "his" means anger.... A "mistake" simply means you have "missed taking" a lesson that has come your way. Do not lament over your mistake. Just take the lesson from it.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Srini,
A lovely thought :) Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.
You have an excellent blog, and i am delighted to meet you :))
Also i loved the name- Jnanagni, The Fire of Wisdom :)
My best wishes and prayers for you:)
Looking forward to walking this Path with like minded souls like you!
God Bless you.

Srini said...

Dear Krishna, I'm glad you like this blog. keep coming back :)

It definitely feels good when you connect with like minded people. I feel the same!

God Bless, and keep smiling :))

Geekay said...

Dear Srini

Wat an amazing thought coming from the mouth of our beloved guruji!!

Peace be upon you for sharing this...

Geekay said...

One more thought from the master...


Today is a gift from God- that is why it is called the present.

Are you grateful? If you are grateful, you do not belong to me. When someone gives you something, you are grateful; that means you feel separate. You are not grateful to yourself.

Gratefulness is inevitable but when you go beyond gratefulness, then union happens. No "I", no "you" remains. You are just one being with a thousand heads and a thousand arms, but with one heart.

You must be grateful on the path, but you have to transcend gratefulness. Small children do not feel grateful as long as they feel one. They take everything for granted. You are not grateful to your own hand that feeds you. It si better to stop being grateful.

When you are grateful then you are the center, you are more important. When you are grateful to God for having received something beautiful, for example, eyesight, who is important? You or God? Your gratitude indicates ego.

European Ashram, Bad Antogast, Germany.
July 31, 1996

Srini said...

Dear Karthik, that was a wonderful piece of wisdom from Sri Sri once again. Thank you very much for sharing this (I'm being grateful... i know... but can't help it ;))