Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting rid of fear

Instead of wanting to get rid of fear, be deeply conscious of want, without compulsion of any kind. Then there will be the cessation of fear, the awakening of intelligence and the deep plenitude of life.

~ J. Krishnamurti, 2 August 1936


Cyrus Rumi said...

Hi Srini :)

'Living in the conscious of the Divine, dispels all fears.'

Peace and honour to you.


Air Setitik Community said...

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Srini said...

"Living in the conscious of the Divine, dispels all fears." -- Very true! How can fear be when there is nothing but pure awareness!

Thanks for your comment Cyrus.

Blessed Be.

Suganthi Paramesh said...

Thanks for your comments srini... no i have no idea abt shivkhera's political party.